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Limenaria on the southern shores of Thassos Island offers a peaceful haven for travellers. Limenaria is the second largest town on the island and has something for everyone!

Limenaria Beach stretches for nearly 3 kilometres, from the harbour with its colourful fishing boats overlooked by the impressive Palataki building all the way to Tripiti at its western end. On the other side of the hill with the Palataki is the famous Matalleia Beach, 100 years ago it was a working mine and smelting site, today it is a wonderful ‘art’ beach with hundreds of nooks and crannies and art works to explore. Or simply enjoy the shallow turquoise waters and sandy beach.

We are always available to advice our guests and we can help to organize car rental, excursions and other services upon request.

Contact information

Limenaria Thassos, 64002
(+30) 25930 52790
(+30) 6943404900,(+30) 6943 921 814


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